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by Becca Adleberg, LPC Starting therapy is a big step for both children and parents alike. It’s a journey toward better emotional well-being, but we know it can feel intimidating to get started. As caregivers, you play a significant role in helping your child understand and feel comfortable about their first therapy session. We at […]

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by Becca Adelberg, LPC Your child is never too young to start the conversation about consent. From a hug to a kiss on the cheek, all children are allowed ownership of their own bodies. And, teaching them they are allowed to set boundaries helps lay the foundation for your child’s understanding of personal safety. But […]

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by Becca Adleberg, LPC Halloween is an exciting time for many children, filled with the promises of candy, costumes, and spooky decorations. But for some kids, seeing creepy skeletons, witches, and ghouls can be more frightening than fun. If your child is easily spooked by Halloween and all its accessories, it can be challenging to […]

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by Becca Adelberg, LPC No one likes doing homework, regardless of their age. ADHD can make it even more frustrating! The good news is that with the right strategies and support, parents can play a crucial role in helping their children with ADHD excel in school work. Through practical tips and techniques, caregivers can assist […]

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by Julie Belling, LCSW National Coming Out Day represents the celebration of queer identities. And as a therapist, I am passionate about supporting LGBTQIA+ people because it is life-altering and life-saving work. One of the very first people I came out to in childhood as a queer person myself was a trusted mental health professional, […]

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Being a kid these days is not easy. With access to social media and an ever evolving world, development looks a bit different. Each age demographic has its unique stages of social and emotional development, with its own set of obstacles. While certain cliches of childhood remain true over time, we have to understand that everything is exacerbated with the internet. While rumors of our childhood may have spread via landline, these days they can become a viral Tik Tok with everyone in the world immediately knowing our business. 


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